Emergency Money help: Your Best Sources

Emergency money situations often hit us out of the blue; hold us hostage and often push us to the limit of frustration. Emergency money help though can banish most of these blues.

The reason why money remains elusive to a lot of is because of lack of knowledge.  Fact is money exists in the world and to get access you need to know where to look as well as the pros and cons of getting quick cash. The following may prove to be some of your best options:

Mobile Banking: In the interconnected world, the fastest source of emergency money help can be your mobile. If you have multiple bank accounts, you can log in and get the funds transferred to your ATM account, and withdraw the much needed cash in transit. Alternatively, you may request your friends and relatives to chip in and drop in the money at the nearest ATM and you can get the cash within minutes.

Jewelry Mortgage: When the banks are closed and friends are short of funds, gold and jewelry can come handy and rescue you from the crisis. You may pawn your jewelry or sell it off to a gold buyer. Remember, though that when you sell gold jewelry you will not be paid for the workmanship of the piece (unless it’s a heirloom or a designer piece) but for the amount and quality of gold used in it.

Credit Cards: One of the most convenient ways to get emergency money help is by swiping your credit card. If you don’t already have one, apply for a card that gives you the maximum credit, preferably a platinum card. However, you must also know that credit cards charge a high interest rate in addition to late payment charges, if you are unable to pay the borrowed amount on the due date. So, make sure you do not fall into the debt trap of late payments month after month.

While you can’t predict an emergency, there is nothing stopping you from being prepared for one. The suggestions listed above will hopefully help you act fast and seek emergency money help from the right sources.