Auto Loan

Do you need to buy a car and just don’t have all the money for it? Well, this auto loan offer is one you might want to consider.

So you’re stranded on the road, both literally and figuratively, with a broken down car, and no money to finance repairs; what do you do? There are many times when one may have to face such situations. In such auto emergencies, the car money options before you may be few, and far between. However, that doesn’t mean they are no options. All you need to do is figure out is what’s out there for you and they are solutions (always).

Pay Day Loans – If one has no other option, but a fat car repair bill somewhere on the horizon, getting a Pay Day Loan may be the last resort. Pay day loans are short-term loans that take care of your expenses, till the next salary check lands in your bank account. However, typically, the interest rate on such money loans is very high, which must be taken into consideration before making a decision.

Car Insurance If you can afford to wait a bit to get your car repaired, falling back on the insurance is the best option. So, if it’s some dents and superficial damage that needs to be taken care of, this is your best bet. You will have to file a claim for the repair costs to be financed through car insurance. An insurance representative will assess the damage before financial aid is provided.

Automobile Agencies – In most towns and cities automobile agencies can prove to be very useful in cases of car damage and repairs. Such agencies operate on the mode of annual payment, in return for service during car emergencies. If an agency member is unfortunate enough to have a car breakdown, the automobile agency can change tyres, do minor repair-work or tow the vehicle to a service station. Many of these agencies can also put members in contact with those providing financial assistance for car money.

While these are the primary means to getting quick cash in case of a car emergency, there are several other, less conventional ways through which you may be able to use in order to get money loans.