Rapid Cash

We live in a world where the need for rapid cash is at an all time high.  Fast food restaurants sell you big mac’s “rapidly”, but they always want their money given to them rapidly (ever tried fiddling around for coins while 20 cars are behind you at the drive-thru?) car washes have express lanes, grocery stores have ten items or less fast lanes (just like highways). Everyone is in some kind of hurry today.

So, when it comes to needing the most important thing for your survival, why not have the option to get rapid cash as well? Because actually, to get anything, what else do you need besides cash? Can you tell your landlord that in lieu of cash you’ll offer to pay the rent with a poem?

Rapid cash illusions like bitcoin are all the rage now, but lets just be honest…Who’s going to take your bitcoin? It’s not going to replace the need for rapid cash anytime soon.  As long as live human beings exist, the need for rapid cash options will always exist.

If you need money now, what is one supposed to do? Borrowing from friends or family is always an option, but sometimes, that comes with too much baggage that may not be worth it and in situations like those, where you just don’t want to deal with the baggage of owing money to people you know, online lenders are the next best option.

Therefore, this offer is for those who have to live in the real world and for them, rapid cash, when needed, is literally their only option.